Little Bonne Femme 

Baptist Church

For over two centuries, we have been a faithful witness to the presence of Christ in our local and global community. Take a look around and see what we are about and how we serve God's mission in the world. We invite you to check our recorded services and visit us in person soon and experience for yourself how God is moving us forward at Little Bonne Femme Baptist Church.

The church was formed on Sunday, December 5, 1819, when a group of sixteen individuals met at the home of Anderson Woods. The group referred to themselves as "Regular Baptists" and took the name of the nearby creek as the church name. The original meeting house for the church was built on the same tract of land that the present church house occupies. The west wall and part of the north and south walls of the current sanctuary date from 1845.

Little Bonne Femme Baptist Church has a rich & proud heritage. Not only is it the second oldest Baptist church in continuous operation West of the Mississippi, it also claims prominent & visionary members who were pioneer leaders of the state of Missouri. Among their ranks were Dr. William Jewell, Robert Thomas, and David H. Hickman. These are only a few of the pivotal leaders that made up this church in its early years.